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Ageing in the UK

Ageing in the UK is an interactive mapping tool, which allows you to analyse the age structure of the population at the Local Authority (LA) level more easily. You can see how the population has aged over time and is projected to continue to age, by selecting from a list of indicators, such as median age, and by animating the map. Data can be extracted from the tool by selecting a Local Authority.

2001 vs 2011 Census - Population and Age

Population trends, Office for National Statistics

Current population: Age and gender

The 2001 Census-based information about distribution of resident population by age and gender.

Health & Social Care Information Centre Indicator Portal

Information can be found by using the search function for P00021

Current population: Ethnic Group

2001 Census-based information about the ethnic composition of resident populations. This includes ethnic group and country of birth: percent, all ages.

Health & Social Care Information Centre Indicator Portal

Information can be found by using the search function for P00026

National Population Projections

National Population Projections, by age and sex, are produced for the United Kingdom and constituent countries every two years, in consultation with the statistical offices of the constituent countries. The main focus of the projections is on the next 25 years, though longer term projections to 75 years ahead are also presented. In addition to the main projections, variant projections, based on alternative assumptions of future fertility, mortality and migration, are also available. Before January 2006 this product was the responsibility of the Government Actuary's Department (GAD). Details of historical sets of projections are currently available from the GAD website.

Population Projections

Projecting Older People Population Information System

This view-only system is developed by the Institute of Public Care (IPC) for the Care Services Efficiency Delivery Programme (CSED). It is for use by Local Authority planners and commissioners of social care provision in England, together with providers and supporting organisations. It is a programme designed to help explore the possible impact that demography and certain conditions may have on populations aged 65 and over. Useful indicators include - living alone, housing tenure, living in a care home, dementia and ‘unable to manage domestic tasks and self care’.

Projecting Older People Population Information System

Sub National Population Projections

Long-term, 2006-based Sub National Population Projections for England (SNPP) were published on 12 June 2008. They give an indication of future trends in population for the period 2006-2031. These projections are consistent with the mid-2006 population estimates published on 22 August 2007 and the 2006-based national population projections published on 23 October 2007. The projections are available on the ONS website by age and sex for Government Office Regions, counties, Local Authorities, Strategic Health Authority areas and Primary Care Organisations. More detailed accounts of the projected population, births, deaths and migration can also be requested as commissioned tables.

Subnational Population Projections

Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information (PANSI)

PANSI stands for Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information. This system provides population data by age band, gender, ethnic group, and by disability living allowance, incapacity benefits, and guardianship for English Local Authorities.

Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information (PANSI)

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