National Survey of Patient Activity Data for Specialist Palliative Care Services

NCPC MDS report

MDS full report for the year 2013-14

Published: 3 June 2015

This report is an update to the annual national survey of patient activity data for specialist palliative care services, minimum data set (MDS). It looks at a wide range of specialist palliative care issues, including inpatient activity, day care, community care, hospital support, bereavement support, outpatients, staffing, diagnoses and services for young people.

The MDS was developed in 1995. The aim of the MDS is to provide good quality, comprehensive data about hospice and specialist palliative care services on a continuing basis. They are used to inform:

  • service management
  • service monitoring and audit
  • development of local palliative care and end of life care strategy planning
  • commissioning of services
  • development of national policy

This year’s report shows that community care specialist palliative services in particular are seeing increasing numbers of people, in line with moves to enable more people to be cared for at home. Dementia is becoming an increasing issue for community care specialist palliative care teams, with five times as many people with dementia accessing community services in 2013/14 compared with 2008/09. The proportion of older people (aged 85 and older) seen by community teams has also continued to increase, as it has for hospital support teams.

Download the report National Survey of Patient Activity Data for Specialist Palliative Care

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