Cost-effective commissioning of end of life care

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9 February 2017

Exploring the trade-offs associated with shifting care from an acute setting to a primary, community and/or social care setting.

The National End of Life Care Intelligence Network and Health Economics team in PHE have published a number of products to support commissioning decisions for end of life care services.  These include:

A report ‘Understanding the health economics of palliative and end of life care’. The first half of the report presents the findings of a review of the available literature on the costs and effectiveness of different initiatives and schemes designed to improve patients and carers experiences at the end of the patient’s lives. The second half of this report describes the new end of life care economic tool and the methodology underpinning this tool.

An end of life care analytical tool. This interactive tool is made up of two components. The first provides a summary of the costs, impacts and wider issues associated with different interventions and services for providing care and support for patients at the end of their lives. The second component enables the user to explore the potential trade-offs associated with shifting resources and activity away from secondary care into primary, community and social care settings.

The end of life care analytical tool user guide. This document provides a step-by-step guide to the end of life care economic tool.

These products will be of great importance for decision-makers. They will help them when they are considering the potential improvement, or indeed the potential decline, in the quality and safety of care, and patient experience, in conjunction with the net financial implication, when considering the implementation of interventions. Moreover, they will assist stakeholders when looking at current capacity of care provision and whether it can adequately cope with a potential influx of primary, community and social care activities for end of life care.

Download the report, analytical tool and user guide.

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