Information standard requirements

Organisations providing and commissioning palliative and end of life care have certain responsibilities relating to the national information standard for Palliative Care Co-ordination: core content (SCCI1580). Some key points are highlighted here but for full details, please see the Palliative Care Co-ordination Requirements specification on the HSCIC website.

Organisations developing Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS).  All IT systems and software supplier contracts for new EPaCCS must specify the requirement for systems to be compliant with the information standard. 

Localities considering the development of EPaCCS as a means of improving end of life care provision should be aware of the standard and its content. They need to understand how the standard supports EPaCCS development and the requirement for IT systems and software contracts.

The selection and configuration of electronic record systems and platforms is for local determination, and local areas may decide to extend the core data items depending on their own circumstances.

Organisations with existing Electronic Palliative Care co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS). Organisations with existing EPaCCS MUST ensure that the system complies with the updated standard (Amd 11/2015) by 1 March 2016.

Palliative and end of life care service providers. Organisations providing care for adults should review current record systems and platforms, and liaise with system suppliers to ensure systems are compliant with the standard (Amd 11/2015) by 1 March 2016. This includes primary, secondary and community care teams, social care providers, and ambulance and out-of-hours services. It may also include pharmacies, the voluntary sector and the private sector.

IT systems suppliers. The standard applies to suppliers of IT systems for palliative and end of life care co-ordination, and palliative end of life care services where systems hold any of the data items included in the standard. Where systems are already in place, suppliers MUST ensure that all electronic systems comply with Amd 11/2015 by 1 March 2016.

Commissioners. Organisations commissioning palliative and end of life care need to be aware of the national information standard and understand the potential benefits of EPaCCS. If electronic systems are in place across their locality, they need to review the systems to ensure that they are compliant with the standard. If systems are not in place, it is recommended that they develop a business case and look for opportunities to introduce EPaCCS into local commissioning and procurement strategies, aligning with the national and local IT strategies. For details to assist this process, please see the comprehensive Making the case for change that has been prepared for commissioners.

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