Identifying total population needs

These were compiled in 2012 and have not been updated.


The 'End of Life care Cohort' is defined as all those people whose needs can be realistically identified within the last year of life and who are supported by the full range of general and specialist health and social care professionals, in partnership with the person’s carer, family and community wherever possible. 


The Cohort Model suggests that for an average 200,000 population in England:

  • That the number of deaths each year reaches a minimum in 2014 and then rises by about 4% by 2021.
  • That approximately 2,000 adults will die each year from all causes;
  • Of these just over 1,000 would currently die in hospital.

How to use the models:

Use the Cohort Model to explore:

  • How the number of people dying in a typical 200,000 population changes over time;
  • How the balance of need between the different trajectories changes over time based on demographic changes;
  • What the ‘do nothing’ might mean in terms of deaths in hospital and therefore additional costs of hospital care.

In order to use the Cohort Model in order to identify total population needs, follow the step-by-step guide in the Cohort Model tutorial.



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