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Table showing data sources on life expectancy
Area of interestLocation of data

Inequalities in healthy life expectancy by social class and area type

Examines inequalities by socio-economic position in England and between Local Authorities in the Spearhead group against other Local Authorities.

Office for National Statistics

Life expectancy at birth and at 65 by local areas in the UK

Period life expectancy results for local areas in the United Kingdom are now available for 2006-08. These figures have been added to existing trend data from 1991-93 to 2005-07. Results are rolling averages, produced by aggregating the number of deaths and mid-year population estimates across each three year period. Information about the interpretation of period life expectancy and its calculation are contained within the Statistical Bulletin. Results for each area can be found in the Excel workbooks.

Office for National Statistics

Life expectancy at birth

Life expectancy at birth for an area in each period is an estimate of the average numbers of years a new-born baby would survive if he or she experienced the particular area’s age-specific mortality rates for that time period throughout his or her life. The figure reflects mortality among those living in an area in each time period, rather than mortality among those born in each area.

The NHS IC Indicator Portal

Longer Lives

Longer Lives highlights premature mortality across every local authority in England, giving people important information to help them improve their community's health.

Longer Lives

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